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Protect Sun Wrap

"Gone are the days of outdoor summers by the pool and leisurely walks without sun protection. The intensity of our summer sun is dangerous and to be exposed for long periods of time without suitable coverage can be harmful and have devastating effects. So we need to be sun smart. Even when driving.

Unable to find anything suitable, that was both stylish and protective, I decided to design my own sun protection wrap."

Protect Sun Wrap has extra long sleeves to provide perfect coverage when driving and a chic hood that drapes around your face and neck for ultimate style and protection. Perfect for walking and long alfresco summer lunches.

Protect Sun Wrap has more than one purpose though; the clever design enables you to wear it in many different ways to give you a range of different looks including upside down!
9 ways to wear PROTECT sun wrap.

All four wraps are identical in design featuring long sleeves and hood made from 100% natural fibres.

They also come in a convenient drawstring bag - Fabric and colour graded, ideal for storage and packing.